Saturday, September 1, 2007

Overheard Lines

I found a blog today that was after my own heart. It's called "Overheard Lines," and it consists of merely that: things overheard, usually out of context, which makes it all the better. Plus the blogger comes up with a clever title for each line, giving it one more boost of fun—like writing funny captions for pictures on a bulletin board, something we all did ten years ago, yes?

I've loved the idea of overheard lines ever since E, my dear friend, introduced me to them a few years back. Her great example was seeing two people walking through the student center, hand in hand, and the boy turned to the girls and said, "What was your name again?" Classic.

Once I was in the bookstore listening to a girl having a loud cell phone conversation in which she was explaining a rather extensive plan some boy was implementing for some girl, something involving flowers delivered to her work, candy snuck into her car, and all manner of other romantic gestures. She finished with this line: "He's going to propose to her—and she has a BOYFRIEND!"

You can read "Overheard Lines at, or you can just click on it in the "Blogs I Follow" area to the left.

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Brett said...

i have a friend who watches a site called overheard in new york. same idea different city