Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Month of Sundays

Well today is the last day of September, and looking back I see that I've done thirty posts this month. This one makes thirty-one in thirty days. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

I hope you who read (how many there are I do not know, but I like to imagine there are hundreds of you on the edges of so many seats, waiting for the next clever thing to come out of my fingers) are enjoying it. I sure enjoy writing it. It's cathartic, it's challenging, and it's fun. I like to think of it as an open letter to all my friends, people who would love to hang out if circumstances permitted, people who are in the mood for an interesting story or light philosophical discussion after work and before bed. People who care about me.

For those friends of mine keeping their own blogs: I love it. You don't know how many times a day I check to see if you've updated. If nothing else inspires you to write or rant, know that one guy will read and enjoy every word. You are making my day, and I'm rooting for you. Can you even guess how much one sentence of your original thinking touches me? The way you say something, the thoughts you think: they are worth more than all the conversations I have in a given day with strangers and lesser beings and those who don't ever seem to think at all. How, you ask? Because we're friends. Your words are valuable to me because on them hangs all the feelings between us big and small.

Why don't we all make a goal to post once a week in October? Twice a week? Every day? I keep a list of possible things to write about so I always have something to fall back on. It's nice to think I'm not losing so many ideas to being forgetful these days. How about posting some pictures—ones you took or ones you drew, I don't care which. Or maybe an A paper, as if the internet was a huge refrigerator (refrigerator: what a singularly strange word now that I think about it). Share with me a song you just love, or a newspaper article that surprised you, or a crossword clue that stumped you for a while before the moment of ecstatic realization hit, or a website that pleased you, or a new product everyone should try, or a sweet new recipe, or a compliment you received, or a tradition you are starting, or a crush you are managing, or a habit you are breaking, or a plan you are hatching, or a book you are devouring. My friend, I'll be reading every word.

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Janssen said...

Well! I just checked and I've only written 17 posts this month. Not as impressive.

Tomorrow a rant is forthcoming, in the guise of book review.