Friday, September 7, 2007

Mere Complexities

Here it is, the first of my promise to explain my followed blogs so you know what you're dealing with.

Mere Complexities is the name of the blog of my friend Amanda. The title comes from a poem by Yeats, whom she digs. Plus, she says it helps her remember not to take her thoughts too seriously, for, after all, they are no more than mere complexities.

Amanda and I have been friends since we both went to London on a study abroad trip. Probably five minutes after we arrived, my brother told her she reminded him just of another great friend of ours, Elisa. And though that was high praise, it wasn't quite right. Upon returning from England we serendipitously lived only feet apart in Provo, and we had two classes together last semester, so we got to see each other quite often. Plus she was my editor when I submitted an essay for publication in the school literary journal, and she gave me great advice. So I found out who Amanda really was.

She is one of those people who spins about her a whole constellation of amazing people, providing the connections and introductions that get those people together. No seriously. If I had to pay her a dime for every very cool person she introduced me to, she'd have like seventy cents. Actually—come to think of it—she didn't really mean to introduce me to any of them. She was just kind enough to let me tag along as she hung out with them or went to their birthday parties.

And yet don't get the idea that Amanda merely has stellar friends—she is one herself. She's one of the rock-steady ones you can always go to for advice or commiseration. She is as cheerful and warm as the street waffles she used to share in London (didn't we burn Andrew with one of those one time? Maybe that was in revenge for comparing you to Elisa)—in fact, she seems to always be sharing. In her house last year she had the most elaborate hot chocolate setup I've ever seen, and she was always offering us some with deluxe gourmet cocoa and whipped cream and sprinkles and chocolate shavings, all frothed up with an electric stirrer. Plus we share a secret sentiment, but that's a secret.

And I am so totally excited that she has a blog, because now she can share her writing. I've long known her for her editing expertise and her good opinion, but now I get to see herself in action. How's that for pressure, Amanda?

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Elisa said...

Why would being compared to me warrant burning with a waffle? I'm confused...
But now I know what I'm going to have for breakfast!