Sunday, September 2, 2007

Instructions for the Technically Cautious II

I want to tell you about labels. I've only just discovered them, and I can see how they would be useful. The deal is that I can label my entries by topic to enable someone to search through them that way. For example, if I was always getting stood up on dates and coming home to write about it, I could mark all those entries with a label like "disappointments" or "public humiliations" or just a plain "I got stood up," and then if you needed a laugh and only wanted to read those stories out of all the blog entries I'd done, you could click that label from the list on the left of the page and up would pop just those entries no matter when they were written. Great, huh?

Here's how I plan to use it. I'm going to write explanations of the blogs I follow (the ones listed to the left under the title "Blogs I Follow") and mark those posts with a label like "Blogs I Follow." Are you following? Then if you were wondering which of those on that list to the left are worth checking out, you could call up the explanations I've posted by clicking on that label. You'd then be able to see that The Franklin Chronicle is a family news blog by my buddy Joey and Mere Complexities is a personal blog by my friend Amanda.

I'll also create labels for any reviews I write on books I've recently finished or movies I've seen or whatever, plus I'll make one for posts like this, my "instructions for the technically cautious." Don't you find my doing so polite and considerate?


Kirby said...

Do you find it at all disturbing that one of your students has now decided to read your blog?

David Grover said...

Not at all; I knew you would. I was wrong about one thing, though: I though you would find my other blackboard secret first. Seems I was mistaken.

Kirby said...

Well played, good sir.