Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Missing Link

In my earlier post entitled "A Small Revelation, Followed by a Difficult Question (and many footnotes)," I inserted many links to the music referenced in the essay, but there was one link I couldn't figure out how to do. It was the one referencing the song I wrote and recorded with my band at the time (poetically called "Langston Blues"), and I have since figured out how to get it on the internet for your listening pleasure.

Just click here to hear "The Sweetest Part" (I also added this link to the original post).

And, if you're interested, here are links to a song I wrote with my buddy T-bone on a New Year's Eve a couple years ago. One listen and you'll know why we weren't out smooching girls that night: we had a responsibility to make sure this bit of genius was born. One more thing—we wrote this using Mario Paint.

New Year's Song

The Remix


Philip Hays said...

I loooove New Year's Song!

Kirby said...

That's a pretty epic song.