Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I'm developing a close relationship with my laptop. It's a macbook, and so it was designed with such flashy features as a built-in webcam and a blue tooth (what's a blue tooth?).

It also has this little light on the front that comes on when the laptop is on but closed. Or, if the comuter decides to fall asleep, the light slowly gets brighter and dimmer, as if the thing is breathing deeply and dreaming.

So I was sitting here in my office, feet up on my desk, reading the chapter over for class today. Understandably, I was getting drowsy. As I faded, I looked over at my open laptop just in time to see it shift from the screen saver to a black screen in preparation for sleep, and then, the last thing I saw before a closed my eyes and gave in to the nap was the little light begin to breathe up, and breathe down, and breathe up, and I was out, and it was out. We were out.


Janssen said...

I love that little "breathing" light. I find it very comforting.

Kirby said...

My mouse has a pulsating light, my external hard drive and my soundboard.

It's honestly pretty creepy. If I need to sleep and leave the computer on, I have to throw a shirt over the breathing lights.

Special K said...

Um, I totally love ET. Also: stop making me blush.