Friday, August 31, 2007


Sorry I couldn't get Phil's picture in the last post—all his stuff is password protected. But I swiped a picture of the chap, and here he is:

The Inimitable Philip Hays

Anyway, I was thinking about my twin, David Grover of David Grover and the Big Bear Band, and it occured to me just how much my life has to do with Muppets. I mean, first of all my last name is Grover. You all remember him, the lovable furry blue monster with a big heart but somewhat limited skills. His attempts at helping others, though always well-intentioned and executed with fervor, didn't always turn out the way he envisioned. I can identify with that, I think. Plus, I think I have his eyes. No really—check it out. They droop just a little on the outside, which my sisters always teased me about as a kid. Like Grover, I've waited tables and made a blues album.

Grover also apparently has a degree

Speaking of blues, I was in a band a few years back with a guy named Rolf, though he played drums, not piano.1

And, as it turns out, my twin of the Big Bear Band was actually made into a Muppet. Years ago he played with Arlo Guthrie and they were all guests on The Muppet Show. Rather than have the whole band crowding the stage, they just made muppets for the band. Click here to see it on YouTube (sorry; embedding is disabled); you can see me—I mean David Grover—out in front playing guitar. Or, if you're so inclined, below is a clip of Grover on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

I was also once told I bear a striking resemblance to Sam the Eagle, but I'm just not buying it. Although, maybe my serious side is channeled through him somehow.

Anyway, I thought I should document my connection to puppet heritage. As a bonus treat, let me share two things I came across in my research for this post. The first is, when you see it as an adult and really think about it, truly bizarre but somehow genious. The other is one of my favorite songs—turns out the Pointer Sisters sang it and I never knew.

1 At the time I was dating a girl named Leisel and there was always an unspoken sentiment that maybe the two should run off or something. But this is a Muppets post, not a Sound of Music post.

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