Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Biological Clock

Mine's all screwed up. I left Utah to move here, meaning my body's running two hours before the local time. But add to that the fact that I was going to sleep between 4 and 6 in the morning most days this last month and things begin to be complicated. The fact that I have to be up, showered and on campus by 8:30 every day this week is not helping. Do the math: to get down there by 8:30 in any decent order I have to get up at around 7; 7 is the new 5; 5 is when I was going to sleep. Conclusion? I've somehow pulled a full one-eighty, getting out of bed at the very time I should be getting in.

But it gets worse. For the last few days before I left Provo I was homeless and busy with my brother's wedding. Moving my stuff and cleaning my apartment required me to sleep few and odd hours, as did crashing on the love seat at the house in Sandy my family rented for the week. Up till the wee hours because of habit, up again early in the morning for weddings and whatnot, I figured I could make it up on the plane. But I spent Thursday in the airport trying not to doze off lest I miss an important announcement concerning my long-delayed flight through Chicago. Eventually the flight was cancelled and I made my way back to Provo to snatch a few hours in a strange bed (thanks Dak) before getting up at 6 to go to the airport yet again.

Two nights on my Ohio floor until I procured a bed.

So let me tell you what my body is telling me. It gets up slowly at 7, showers and dresses with little complaint, and walks pleasantly to campus in the cool morning air. In the early afternoon I get a little sleepy, but I manage. At 8 in the evening I am overcome by one of those inexorable naps that drop over your consciousness like a mountain of quilts. At around midnight I come wide awake again, puzzle over whether it is too late or too much trouble to make dinner (read: peanut butter sandwich), and wonder how I'll get to sleep again. Eventually the alarm goes off at 7, but what happens in between is still somewhat of a mystery.

Tonight I'm listening to Sting and writing this blog entry.

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