Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Barbeque

Last night we celebrated something with a winter barbeque. Everyone came over and feasted, and then we watched Spirited Away, one of my favorite movies. Sorry I didn't get any pics of everyone looking so attractive and having such a good time—I was too busy having a good time and looking so attractive to take pictures then.

Grilling on the front porch. Average temperature: 10ยบ F. My landlord was taking his trash out and shouted across the street, "Something wrong with your kitchen?"
"Nope," I smiled."
He shook his head: "Now I've seen everything."

See guys? I told you a headlamp would come in handy.

Darrin and Dave keep me company.
I should admit right here that this was all Dave's idea.

Here's the feast, minus Matt's chicken enchiladas and Dave's tapas sides: mega mashed potatoes and Italian meats-wrapped asparagus. Notice his roasted red pepper salad already on the table.

If I had 4 wishes, the fourth would be to live in this bathhouse, always barefoot, sleeping by day and working by night.


Janssen said...

Your blog never fails to make me laugh.

I'll tell Bart that he needs to use his headlamp to grill in the snow.

The Hippo said...

you crazy! Crazy like a Fox!

Gillz said...

You are a blogging maniac. I can't keep up. Did we already discuss Hayao Miyazaki??? Have I yet told you that I own a collection of every single movie he has done up to the year 2005 or thereabouts? EXCEPT for Spirited Away. I own all of his movies except that one because it seems the easiest to get a hold of so I've procrastinated that particular purchase.

My favorite is Howl's Moving Castle. I have such a crush on Howl.

Oh, and nice headlamp.

Jennifer said...

SO many things to say...

You look handsome.
Those cheeseburgers and dogs remind me of home (mom's, not mine).
Headlamp? Who? What?
Which one is Dave?

amy said...

please tell me that living in the baths requires wearing ONLY a robe, ever!!!!

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