Thursday, January 15, 2009

Leftover Pictures 2

Here's a few shots from our Halloween party last year.

Kate got some farmer to up and donate an Explorer full of pumpkins to our cause.
That smile? That's the "It's so early I'm not even sure what day it is" smile.

Awww, Boo House is all dolled up for the party. I wish you could see the inside; it's
completely covered in streamers and bats and candles. And pizza, mountains of it.

Most of the action took place on borrowed lawn furniture under the twinkle of borrowed lights. The lights are hung very unprofessionally from house to tree and back. Basically I strung them through the windows and tied them to door knobs and (mostly) heavy-enough furniture. Ken, on the other side, tangled them in the branches. Très romatic.

Zach (tourist) and Danielle (horse girl) play Twister while
I (my branch president biker) mope about losing.

Typical Court Street reveler.

Quit checking out my butt.


Sarah said...

I'm disturbed by seeing you in that biker getup.

Mary Arlene said...

I am too. Nobody should have to see their brother in shorts that tight and short. Save it for the ladies!

Jennifer said...

I didn't know that you had a butt since you have never worn such tight clothing.

The Hippo said...

I knew but only because I had seen in said shorts before. I begged him to buy the baggy ones, "butt" nooo.

David Grover said...

Don't forget you've all seen me naked too. I believe some of us used to bathe together.

Jennifer said...

I watched you potty train :)

Sarah said...

P.S. You may not want to do this but you need to change your "read this year" list since it's a new year and all. I've got a great book for you to start off your 2009list. Maybe you've heard of it...