Saturday, January 17, 2009

Leftover Pictures: Group C

Behold the annual Jump-in-the Truck-and-Look-at-Christmas-Lights party. I don't think I got a single Christmas light in any of these shots:

Oh, there's some Christmas lights, back there behind Charlotte. My bad.

Here's Mary trying to sweet talk her way into the cool truck.
Too bad—we had a strict no-matching-accessories policy.

Me, Liz, Faith, Luke, Harris, Ike, Ethan, and Matthew. If it wasn't for this slightly cold
night and the 25-mph windchill, it'd have been a total waste
to bring home anything I'm wearing here.

Hello, Luke.

I'm out of clever captions.

Bonus Pics!

3-D IMAX, people. 3-D to the MAX!

Unwashed, unshaven, unabashed. This is EYE-MAX, people!
(I'm talking to you old folks in the second row there—I need to see more MAXing).


Sarah said...

I love all of the pics. Thanks for not getting me in any of the pictures. I'm sure it wasn't on purpose since I was smart enough to find a seat INSIDE one of the trucks but thank you nonetheless. And might I just add that your eyes look smoldering in those IMAX glasses.

Gillz said...

What I want to know is this: was this kind of 3D IMAX where you experience some lame Hollywood movie, or was this the kind of 3D IMAX where you watch some super cool science/history bit with Johnny Depp narrating about underwater sea creatures or Glenn Close talking about T-Rex?

David Grover said...

This was the one where you follow a group of rafters navigating the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. It was narrated by Robert Redford and featured the musical stylings of the Dave Matthews Band (both real and reorchestrated—it was quite nice, this coming from one more or less burnt out on Dave).

But honestly, it wasn't nearly what it should've been. Instead of awesomeness there was much poorly conceived "Save the Earth"iness. I was disappointed. And then I was slightly grossed out by Body Worlds III. And then I was completely pleased by the minerals and gems room.

Jennifer said...

Just so you know - the other truck was cool, too. It had Gabe. GABE.

Gillz said...

Bobby Redford narrated? Lucky. I saw a 3D IMAX about underwater adventuring had the real and instrumental music of Sting. I just remember they played "Fields of Gold" while they talked about the moon and the tides. It felt oddly natural.

Gems and minerals, huh? Does geology tickle your fancy or just shiny objects?

David Grover said...

I love how the Gems and Minerals room is warm and dark with soft lights on the display cases. It's like a movie theatre, you know? Like my self, my consciousness, is disembodied and floats from thing to thing only to appreciate it without the me getting in the way. Because the minerals aren't manmade, I don't have to deal with my ego at all, that incessant claim I always make when confronted with something beautiful or clever: "I could do this."

In the gem vault, with its manmade jewelry, it's still not a problem because I don't have any ambition to design, construct, or even wear fine jewelry. I just love the colors!

Liz said...

david hey it is faith take off that hidiuse picture of me yes i know i spelt it wrong but seriously i look terrible