Monday, January 26, 2009

Right Now! Friendship in Jeopardy!

Don't wait! Go to and register to take the online contestant test this week!

You have to register ahead of time to take the test at the exact same time as the rest of your time zone later this week.

I know what you're saying: "I'm not smart enough to be on Jeopardy! I don't want to be on Jeopardy!" (not that you're that emphatic about it—those exclamation points are part of the spelling of Jeopardy!, not indications of inflection).

Who cares? The fun of taking the test is two-fold:

  1. You can be positively sure that during the moments you are struggling to answer those 50 questions (standard I-don't-know response: "Who is Otto von Bismarke?"), thousands of your time-zone compatriots are doing the same thing, facing the same struggle. To me, that means much more than thinking of all the people who are watching Lost at the same time as you. Then, you're all just admiring J. J. Abrams' handiwork; with the online test, you're admiring you—us—America!1
  2. You get to find out how much you still don't know. You might discover something you want to know about very much; ten minutes on this test now will give you a week's worth of Wikipedia-ing later. Failure is like a drug to me. Or at least a big vitamin.

1 Besides, half of everyone watches Lost online later anyway. With the Jeopardy! test, we stand together. Like this.


Joe said...

I did it.

Gillz said...

I'm glad you kept the ! on the Jeopardy! I have similarly had to footnote to friends that I'm merely getting the name right--that I'm really not just overly enthusiastic about Jeopardy! Then again, if one is emailing about Jeopardy! repeatedly to friends, then perhaps overzealous is the word to use after all. Jeopardy!

Jennifer said...

I did it. Basically to exhibit brotherly love. I wouldn't ever do it on my own, ever, and I'm nervous now that I did it.

David Grover said...

I slightly altered the title, Gillz, just for you.

Gillz said...

I appreciate and enjoy the alteration. Friends in Jeopardy! indeed.