Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sleeping In

This morning I was dreaming, dreaming about dreaming, dreaming about waking up, dreaming about waking up still in a dream and maybe even of waking up again. Somewhere in there my mind came up with the word "lima." And you know what? Instead of attaching it to its normal meaning—the name of a bean or the capital of Peru, my somnambulating mind decided it must be the feminine form of the word "limo." Never mind the fact that "limo" is an abbreviation, it reasoned, the point is that all cars are girls, and thus all limos ought to be called limas (or limae, I'm tempted to amend in my waking state).

How about that, huh? Crazy.

Well, maybe not all limos are girls.

(Incidentally, "lima" means "lime" in Spanish, so is calling a car a lima akin to calling it a lemon?)

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