Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On Hot Chocolate: the remix

... as Tropicana Pure Premium with pulp is to orange juice, from concentrate, as sold in those gallon milk jugs.


Only in this case, weeks spent drinking the cheaper, clearly watered down variety prepares your mouth to be destroyed by the sheer ecstasy of the real thing.


Janssen said...


No juice in a can compares to juice in a box/jug (unless you mixed juice in a can and put it into that box/jug).

Jennifer said...

Andy LOVES juice in the jug. He buys it every time he goes to the store. And then he drinks it up fast. I had some last night. I forgot how good it is. What is the secret pre-made food ingredient??? Have you even tried an Uncrustable? CANNOT make a pb&j like that at home!