Monday, February 25, 2008

Goals, Garbage, and New Leaves

Hello all. The news for today is that I finally sat down and wrote out my goals for the year. They've been knocking around in one form or another since January, but today they become official and all that. If you care to see them, you can download the Word document here. I say that hoping that most of you don't and that those who do will have nothing but good suggestions about how to achieve what's there and about what I missed.

Also, a question: How come garbage bags are never quite the right size? Have you noticed that? The 13-gallon bags are always too small for the garbage can in the kitchen, and the 30-gallon ones are too big. Can't we get a 15-gallon one or something that will fit amply and that, when extracted, has a little extra room for the garbage that was piling up on top of the can? Another question: Do you prefer twisty-ties, the kind with flaps for easy tying, or the kind with the straps?

A realization: The phrase "turn over a new leaf" does not, as I assumed without thinking too much about it, refer to the things that fall off trees. I used to interrupt friends as we talked outside in October, saying "One second," and then I would stoop to very deliberately turn over a nearby piece of fallen foliage. The phrase refers to paper, to turning the page, as in one's book, one's journal, one's life. Fancy that.


Kirby said...

Near as I can tell, it is impossible for any male to keep a proper amount of twist ties about the house. The ones with built in straps are certainly handy (though sometimes proven to be weak), but nothing beats a good old fashioned heavy duty garbage bag with the flaps for all the huge-knottage you can handle.

Anna B said...

i hope you don't mind that i looked at your goals. i'm inspired!

amanda said...

If you're interested, a few friends and I are compiling that list of journals--we could combine forces. Plus, Pat lets us know whenever he finds something good, like an online journal that publishes only nonfiction, themed issues, stuff like that.

emm said...

cheers to the 15 gallon bag. I just had to battle our kitchen garbage can that has a lip too big for any bag to wrap its lips on. Thank you for informing me on the true meaning of a "turning a new leaf..." I just hope to do so now that I have come back from a week long vacation. :)

Anonymous said...

I made the goal to read a book each week this year as well. I have been using it as a journal of sorts. I broke my year into 52 weeks in a word document and each week I chronicle what I read, what I liked about it, and what I have been learning in life from what I have been reading. Just a lot of theory hogwash. I haven't been as good with it lately, but it helped keep me on track. Also, you do not need to lose weight!

Jennifer said...

You really don't need to lose weight. Your head would look entirely too large. Just stick to that chin-up business. Also, something to help with being a morning person: when you wake up and feet hit the floor, turn around and make your bed. Then dress TO THE SHOES. It really helps. I am NOT a morning person, but when I do those two things, I really do start my engine. I, currently, am sitting here with my clothes and shoes on bed made (I have real loose standards on that one). Now, I don't actually have to go back in my bedroom, so I don't see my bed, so I don't get in my bed. If you could think of some way to shut off the couch, though.
Food storage: when you buy your canned goods (do you use those?) just buy and extra can once in a while. Store it. Ta Da! Food storage!! Slowly it will build. It's a good first step. I, personally, have a strong testimony of food storage because I have lived off of it. So, I keep extra canned goods. When water goes on sale, I buy some extra.
Seriously, I can tell you what to do all day; do you think it was wise to ask for advice on your goals?