Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fun Things

In a bit of a funk [complete existential dilemma] the other day I was talking [complaining] to a friend. She suggested I make sure that I do at least one fun thing every day to ensure a good quality of life during the final weeks of a rough term. Well, I took her advice, and now I feel great!

It all started on Monday when I told myself I would stop homeworking at 8 and do some things for myself. When 8 rolled around I slammed my books shut and went downstairs to watch The Simpsons over a couple of steamy good grilled cheese sandwiches. Then I wrote out my goals for the year. Now I know what you're thinking: writing out goals is no kind of fun, unless you're some kind of mental case that can't function without first writing every little plan out on paper and who is constantly reorganizing everything from the order of the books on the desk to the inner workings of your MyDocs folder.


But karma is king. When I woke up on Tuesday morning there was an email from my 9 am class's professor saying she was sick and therefore class was cancelled. I felt so good I bought two of my classmates lunch. That evening: Jeopardy! with my roommate, and we kicked butt (though the 2-day champ and t-babe Aileen blew it in Final Jeopardy to lose).

Me as a Simpson
And it doesn't stop there. Today, though I was stuck up at school till after five, when I got home I realized I had nothing big to do for tomorrow—when did I do that homework?—so I watched even more Simpsons till Institute. After Institute I was walking along Court Street when I spied my friend Zach purchasing tickets and the Athena Uptown movie theatre. I said, "Whatcha gonna see?" to which he replied, "Be Kind Rewind."1 I thought about it for a minute, checked my schedule, considered the fact that I had just seen that movie last Saturday with my sisters, thought about the need to do fun stuff, and bought a ticket. Will the good times never end?

Many thanks to my personal advice buru, E-style. You too can get all kinds of wisdom [excuses for being irresponsible] by checking out her blog, Writing for Writing's Sake.

1Check that out: a movie title that's both italicized and in quotation marks, and it isn't wrong.


Jennifer said...

Does the movie improve on a second viewing?

Kirby said...

I like your friend's advice. It's a great life philosophy, really.

Jennifer said...

So, now you're off doing fun things and not posting anymore?