Saturday, January 26, 2008

Two Ideas (maybe related)

A road trip is different going out and coming back.1

Turning your sandwich upside down changes the way it tastes.2

1 For example, the 24-hour trip from Houston to Utah is nothing like the one from Utah to Houston. Heading to Utah, it gets dark at around the New Mexico border and you can go very fast all night because that state doesn't bother to lower the speed limit at night. At around Cortez, Colorado, you can pull over and get out to see the stars in surprising glory, and when the dawn creeps up behind you in Utah a few hours later it reveals canyons and mountains where it had been flat the day before, as if the Second Coming had come in the night. Heading back to Texas you start high in winding valley roads and coast down the whole way. Instead of seeing the lights of reservation casinos from miles away you see the stark natural beauty of the Navajo Nation. When night falls it's all Texas, from Amarillo to Wichita Falls to Fort Worth to Waxahachie to Huntsville to Houston, and you see none of it as you pass, nothing but the night lights of the eighteen-wheelers pulled over to sleep. And still, despite losing an hour with the time change and doing a cautious seven over the nightly speed limit of 65, it takes at least an hour less to get there.
2That's what you've been doing wrong, actually. Oh, and this doesn't apply to peanut butter sandwiches.

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Jennifer said...

Unless, of course, you leave Utah at night and then you get to drive into glorious Texas day! I've done it. WELL worth it!