Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Like "Three T-babes and Their Awesome Guitar Friend"

This is where I was tonight:

It was fantastic. A big thanks to Nephi for giving me the heads up and to Joe and Emily for not making me go alone.

In the spirit of my recent postings, I hate how any concert makes me want to get up and leave instantly, rush home, and play my own guitar for hours and hours. I also hate that my brother Drew hates concerts. Jon, Mary: that Blues Traveler concert was great. Glad you came.


The Hippo said...

i only had to limp all the way out to that feild with that stupid boot. i don't think i enjoyed it as much as i could have.

agirlwho said...

So jealous. I LOVE Patty Griffin. Lucky.

dinty_w said...

Me were there too. Me like Buddy awesome. Me think ladies harmonize pretty.