Monday, January 14, 2008

Hateful Things

~Bad sidewalks.
~Burnt-out light bulbs.
~Things without a place.
~How fast the trash can fills up.
~Wearing a jacket and then not needing it.
~Wet shoes.
~Not knowing what someone else is thinking when clearly they're thinking about me.
~Employment websites.
~All websites that aren't anything but middlemen for other websites, that are bald-faced attempts to make an easy buck without actually doing anything.
~Too many keychains.
~A cluttered, dirty car.


Janssen said...

Amen to the whole list, but especially the cluttered car.

Special K said...

I vote for #7

Megan Zurcher said...

I remember this topic when we had a yahoo group. I think it was you who wrote a whole thing about hating carpet. Is it still on your list?

David Grover said...

carpet is still on top.

mom said...

I really hate watching or listening to athletes being interviewed. Is there anything worse? Except carpet of course.