Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Only in Dreams

Well, my imagination must've been broken.

I ordered a Crispy Melt Pizza from Domino's this evening, with pepperoni and hamburger wedged in between the two crispy layers of thin crust. It showed up about 8:30, just as I was stomping the Princess on original MarioKart (I hate that Princess!). Dave and I quickly opened it up, wondering if real life might taste as good as dreams, and honestly, the first bite was good. Intriguing. New.

But then I finished the Mushroom Cup (in first, with 42 coins to Princess's 34—HA!) and went upstairs with the pizza to doodle about on the internet. As I ate the second and third slices it became clear to me that this is not a great pizza. It may be a great idea, and there may be great bites here and there, but overall this idea demands the loving attention of someone who is being paid more than seven bucks an hour to make fifty pizzas in the same span of time.

So much for having dreams.


CresceNet said...
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Janssen said...

Alas. A moment of silence for the destruction of a glorious hope.