Thursday, November 29, 2007

Instructions for the Technically Cautious V

The Amazon Wish List

Have you discovered this yet? It's like shopping without shopping. Once you have an Amazon account, then whenever you are looking at something and think, "Hey, I'd like to remember how much I like this," or "Maybe I'll buy this when I have money someday," you can just click the "Add to Wish List" button on the right side of the page and *poof* it shows up on your Wish List. You can even create different lists for different desires, like one for DVDs and another for books, or one for kids books and another for your romance novels, you saucy thing you.

But it gets better! You can share your list with other people in a most charming way. Go to your Wish List by clicking the Wish List in the "Your Lists" menu on the top right. Once there, you can add, delete, rate, and comment on any of your selections. Also, if you look down the left margin, you'll see a button that says "Tell people about this list." Click it, and it gives you the option of emailing it, adding a button to your web page, or adding a widget to your web page. If you choose the button option, Amazon will generate the necessary html code to place in your web page code to display something like this:

My Wish List

It's as easy as that! Now your friends know what you want for Christmas, and Amazon will be happy to provide the goods.

I'd like to also congratulate my sister Jen on creating a family google group for sharing our Christmas lists. I'm so proud (a note, though: if you want to put this button on a google group page, you need to first click the "Edit HTML" button at the bottom right of the page when working on it. The paste the code from Amazon wherever you want it to appear).

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The Shark said...

So I don't frequent this blog as often as I probably should, but I was sitting here at work thinking of things to do to pass the time. All of the regular blogs I read haven't been updated in a few days, so I thought to myself, "Hey! Self! Doesn't that Dave guy update his blog EVERY DAY?" because I remembered that you'd challenged Dambrink to do the same thing.

All I have to say is, I'm disappointed that you aren't living up to your hype. You were my inspiration.