Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Does it bug anyone else that the spell checker on Word fails to recognize words like "blog," "iPod," and "google"? Does anyone else see the irony in a dictionary that, unlike the OED or the Merriam-Webster, exists not as paper but as electricity, a dictionary that is not only connected to the internet but is maintained by the most powerful computing company in world, one that practically invented the internet, one that vaunts its power to reach you instantaneously, in your home, at your desk, one that claims the privilege of connecting you to the outside world via that same Information Superhighway, one that glibly releases updates to its software on a weekly basis but has somehow failed to update the vocabulary of its dictionary?

I like the way the spines all face forward. Nice touch.

The OED has the word "blog" in it, as both a noun and a verb. It also has "blogger" and "blogging". And you should check out the definition of "google" (little g) if you have access.

Interestingly, the Word dictionary recognizes the name "Wozniak." Go figure.

In other news, I did a perfect google search today, meaning I searched and got exactly one result. My search terms? "voynavich school athens." It comes up with a strange site indeed.


Amanda said...

Whenever I learn a cool new word or ineresting alternate definition to a common word, I like to try and use it in a conversation, to try it on and see how it fits.

I have no idea what to do with something like "man, you really bowled a googly!"

Kirby said...

Actually, "voynavich school athens" comes up with two results. Give it a try now that you've blogged.