Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Collective Unconscious (emphasis on the "unconscious")

I swear I'm not lying.

When I woke up this morning I had the image of the night's last dream stuck in my mind. It was an image of a new kind of pizza, one with two crusts and all the pizza goodness oozing between them, a sort of crispy gooey Italian tostada/quesadilla thing. Like a double-decker thin crust, one just on top of the other, so when you bite into the thing it simultaeously crunches and mushes—cheese and bread and sauce exploding in your mouth—like a tickertape parade in the snow, like a dragon-scarred knight sizzling in his armor, like an underwater volcano. Such a combination would draw upon glorious precedent: the chicken caesar salad, the ice cream in a waffle cone, the Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme1.

For a moment, that single moment when dreams are confused with memories, I was overjoyed by this new invention. Then I realized it was merely a night-wonder. I put the thought out of my mind and went about my day.

And then this evening I was watching last week's episode of The Office, recorded by the watchful computer eye of our DVR, and I saw a commercial that, honestly, freaked me out. It was an ad for Domino's Pizza's newest creation, the Crispy Melt Pizza. I kid you not: it was the exact pizza from my dream. Does this disturb anyone else? Am I picking up TV signals in my sleep? Is Domino's somehow travelling through time and stealing my dreams? All these questions have yet to be answered, but first things first—I gotta get me one of those pizzas.

(I tried to find the commercial online but it wasn't posted anywhere. I did find this, however.)

1Have you seen Taco Bell's website? Aside from playing some pretty classy music, there's a neat bell sound when you roll over the slogan and logo in the top corner.

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