Monday, November 5, 2007

A Multitude of Unused Ink Cartiridges

Well, since I introduced K in the blog finally, I guess I ought to introduce her blog. Special K writes a nice blog about her adventures as a grad student at Notre Dame called "A Multitude of Unused Ink Cartridges." The title is some kind of self-effacing remark on how the blog is a repository for poetry that isn't good enough to waste printer ink on, but you can be the judge of that (no, seriously—I wouldn't know good poetry if it folded itself up into a capital P and clocked me in the head1).

What can I tell you about K? I don't know that much. I know she taught English in Japan for a time. And that she is great at coming up with code names for all the people mentioned on her blog. From meeting her this weekend I know that she has a nice sense of style and a healthy nervousness about properly hosting guests that translates into a cordialness I'd like to emulate. And we seem to trade off having the longer hair.

Oh, what am I doing? The point is that she is a nice person and smart—smart enough to keep a blog interesting for sure, if you care to read. She could be part of your blog family if you like (you maybe should ask first; I did). You can find it here.

1K and Joey and I decided that it might be a good idea to carry around a big capital P for clocking people who are being too poetic—you know, those who put on that affected tone of voice to read, haltingly, while savoring the cadence of each word, as they present, their latest work, to you, the culturally, impoverished, people, of, the world. That's one small P for "pretentious," one giant P for "Put a sock in it."

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Special K said...

awwww. I'm so flattered!