Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bonus Rounds

The first bonus round was a game to keep people busy until everyone showed up. It consisted of designing a new hairdo for yours truly. Click on the thumbnails to see their true glory. The winner was the wrinkly, freaky looking one at the bottom.

The second bonus round was another Grover Family classic, the Drawing Game. And we didn't screw around, either; we went straight for the action—Scrooge McDuck. Some people couldn't even handle the pressure and threw their pens with great force in frustration, demanding we move on to the next round. I think Pat's may have won, but I can't remember.

As a point of reference:

Over all it was a good mix of games. As you can see, everyone humiliated themselves, but they all had a chance to humiliate me.


Drew said...

Pat's Scrooge is incredibly accurate! I'm also really impressed with the second one form the top on the left, which looks surprisingly similar to Pat.

Danita said...

My version of Scrooge is incredibly accurate too. Astonishing!

David Grover said...

Yes, yes, Danita. You did well. Many thanks. (But may I point out that many doubt whether or not you drew yours from memory only?)

Danita said...

No, not entirely from memory. I used my memory for drawing his body... but his face, the hand holding the gold piece, and the background, I used multiple frames from a couple of different 'Ducktales' episodes as refrences.
I have acknowledged credit to Disney's original artwork, August 26, 2006 - when I posted my drawing online: