Saturday, December 8, 2007


Today I was wandering in the Wilk and stumbled upon a tuba ensemble playing Christmas songs. This was followed by a Dixieland jazz band doing the same.

So, gift-giving is a Christmas tradition, apparently because the wise men brought gifts to the baby Jesus. That seems a little oblique to me, and it begs the question of whether we should pull other traditions from the events surrounding Christ's birth. For example, ought we to go look at babies like the shepherds did? I guess we could all run over to the hospital and stand beatifically outside the nursury. Or, like Joseph, should we make it a season of adoption?

Hang on, there's something in that. I mean, maybe we don't need to all run out and adopt children officially, but lots of people take it upon themselves to "adopt" struggling friends and families and even strangers and make sure they have a good Christmas. Hmmm—can anybody think of any other traditions we might glean from the first Christmas?


Janssen said...

I like the idea of swarming maternity wards, myself.

Are you in Utah or Texas for Christmas? (We'll be in Utah. Cold, cold Utah).

Jennifer said...

I got one! Maternity wards should close, and babies should be born in barns!!!!! Star gazing should be rampant. We should hit the petting zoos and spend time with sheep. Why aren't we paying taxes? Or getting censussed? Is that a word? Holy crap! Mormons should threaten to kill all other Christians for believing, and then give them a lovely reprieve on Christmas Eve! Yes!