Saturday, December 8, 2007

Another Update

I went to Supercuts saturday and the girl who cut my hair was none other than the cool girl from years past (see this post). She sat me down, asked what I wanted done, and began to cut. We started in on the same old conversation, but this time we got somewhere. I found out she likes classic rock and that she recently went to Las Vegas to see Roger Waters in concert. And she likes to snowshoe.

When she was done, I paid, gave her a two-dollar tip, and asked her to sign the back of my old free-haircut card, which conveniently I had with me since I brought in the book it is marking in case of a wait. The handwriting matches perfectly the older sign-offs, so I know the last time we met was on 4/5/07 and that only one other person has touched my hair in the meantime.

One more cut till I get a freebie.

I guess my hair must've been reelley long for that second haircut. Or I flirted really well.

1 comment:

Elisa said...

So what DOES your hair look like now? Did you go for the red shag or just a trim of your curly locks?