Saturday, December 8, 2007


I had so much fun researching that last post that I thought I would share some of it with you. It turns out that has a Try It On Studio which you can use to see how you might look with a certain hair color. Here are some of my experiments:


They also have a "Moxie Meter" that can tell you how sassy you are and how much hair coloring you are likely to be able to stand. I got "Mostly Moxed": "Mmm hmm. You've definitely got a cheeky side, so pluck up the courage to mox out.Think creatively about a new all-over color or get more daring with your highlight colors."

"Mox out"? What does that even mean?


Amanda Dambrink said...


Anonymous said...

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The Shark said...

That is an ineffective way to show someone how they'd look with a certain hair color. As illustrated in the examples you posted, the tint and tone of the photo used usually won't match those of the hair cut-and-pastes. I don't see how anyone could really make an educated decision based on that visual.

But you would make the prettiest girl at the prom, David.

Tom said...

Red looks good on you.