Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer of Tough

Welcome to the Summer of Tough.

I got no rules, no responsibilities, no income. No job. I'm just chilling in Texas at my parents house for the summer, which you think would be sissy, but no way. I got a big list of awesome things to do—tough things—things to do just for doing.

One of em is to read 10,000 pages, which is about all of these books:

I'm plotting my progress on a giant thermometer graph I drew and hung on my wall.

Here are some of the others (I'm taking requests, if you think of anything)
  • Ride a hundred miles on a bike in one day
  • Hold my breath for 90 seconds
  • Do 20 chin-ups
  • Draw every day
  • Write every day
  • Learn Adobe CS3
  • Learn to ride a motorcycle (I got my permit today)
  • Learn to shoot a gun
I also want to go camping or hiking or to a waterpark or the beach or something rad like that, or all of those together, but I'm not sure if anyone will go with me. Also I'd like to do something tough like take cold showers every day, but since they remodeled the bathroom upstairs it doesn't really do cold very well.


Felicity said...

What about doing a handstand pushup? I've always thought they looked wicked "tough"...

And P to the S--I love your Blog :)

Jennifer said...

We'll all go to the beach with you, but you have to help watch kids.

How about only take the bus for an entire day?

Megan Zurcher said...

Check out for learning CS3.