Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So, you think all us English majors just sit around and read books all day, huh? Well think again.

Some of us write, sometimes. And sometimes, some of that writing gets submitted someplace. And sometimes, some of that submitted writing gets accepted and published.


And that time is today! In case you aren't a subscriber to The Religious Educator and thus missed my recent article on the history of the Richard L. Evans Chair for Religious Understanding, you can still see proof that I, David Grover, am a writer...


Check out my very short essay entitled "Second Coming" in the new issue of the online literary magazine JuiceBox. Many thanks to Jes for both choosing it and helping me with the ending.

And to all you naysayers: I can still beat your butts at Tetris, so watch out.


Jennifer said...


Special K said...

Supa cool!

I'll believe your tetris skills when I see them. I still think I can take you blindfolded.