Thursday, May 29, 2008

All, or Nothing at All

Today I had a Zero bar and it occurred to me that it was pretty much the polar opposite of a Snickers. I mean, Snickers is pretty much the candy bar, the archetype and all that. But a Zero, it's like the anti-Snickers. Take a picture of a Snickers and then look at the negative and what would you see: a Zero. Throw a Snickers in a black hole and what would you get: a Zero.

Crazy, yeah?

Turns out the real difference between the two is that Snickers has an advertising campaign. I looked around the internet for some Zero stuff, and I found zero stuff. When I looked for some Snickers—you guessed it—I laughed. Here are some of the good things:

    I pity this commercial.
    Pilgrims and Vikings?
    The Feast
    This one is made by superb facial expressions.
    I'm impressed by this website.
    And this seems to be an entire Spanish-language campaign devoted to Snickers.


Jennifer said...

Zero. The only candy bar I hate.

Elisa said...

Remember how we used to always say the same thing at the same time and freak each other out? Then you'd say, "Shut yo' mouth." Well I just finished writing an email to a friend about (this is gonna sound weird) the lyrics of an old O-Town song (they're a trashy boy band). The main line? "All, or Nothing at All." Grover: Shut yo' mouth!