Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Silent Dave

As I was purchasing some pizza this evening at my local student center, the local student employing dishing out the deep-dish remarked that I look just like Kevin Smith. It was the first time anyone has even said that to me (though I have gotten the occassional John Belushi).

So I came home and did some research on the internet. Result: I have nothing in common with Kevin Smith. I've only ever seen pieces of two of his movies. And honestly, he looks more like my brother Jon, and they seem to have a lot more in common. And Belushi looks more like my dad than me.


editorgirl said...

If you ever come to Provo again--with or without scruff--and I'll make you dinner.

The Hippo said...

I do have more in commen with Kevin Smith then you do. it's funny that you wrote this now because i am about to go and buy clerkes the animated series. which has a whole episode deloted to the last star fighter.