Friday, October 5, 2007

Freaky Friday

Since I moved to Ohio I've been experiencing an odd phenomenon I'm going to call "Selective Mono." Here's the deal: I don't have class on Fridays, so I get to start the weekend early. Or even better, I can use a whole blank day to catch up on all the stuff that needs catching up on. Saturday thus becomes a fallback day, a guarantee that even if I can't get one thing done on Friday, or if I waste the whole day reading or something, I still have one good day before the week revolves.

The problem is that every Friday since I got here I've been waking up late in the morning feeling like little devils have spent the wee hours cricking my spine and little angels have been dropping bricks on my head for hours and hours. Sometimes I'll just go back to sleep in hopes that one nice dream will clear away the awful fatigue, and other times I'll get up in an attempt to make some use of a mostly lost morning. If I do get up, and even if I make it downstairs for a swig of orange juice and maybe a Nutty Bar, I invariably end up in my bed again in a few minutes. I just feel so so so drained.

You know how sometimes you fall into a nap and you can't wake up no matter what you do? You know—you didn't mean to fall asleep, and you remain dimly conscious of that fact, but no matter how hard you try you can't wake up. Or, if you do wake up for a minute to mutter to a roommate that you are planning to eat that so hands off, you can't help but fall right back into sleep as if hands were physically reaching up through the couch cushions and into your consciousness and pulling you back down. Well that's how I feel on Friday mornings. A few weeks ago I felt that way for three straight days—from Friday on through to Sunday. I had periods of relative clarity from time to time, mostly when I got hungry and needed to walk down into town to find something to eat, but I always ended up back in my bed.

Now what could this be all about? I'm taking my vitamins, and I'm not depressed, and it only happens once a week. Am I working too hard the first four days of the week, my body taking over when it can no longer stand it? Is it mental fatigue or physical? Who knows, but it's creeping me out.


Special K said...

If you find the answer, let me know! I've been suffering with the same weekly drain all semester!

Amanda said...

Maybe you have Seasonal Affective Disorder on a weekly scale.

Bart Bradshaw said...

Are you on a regular sleeping schedule? If I'm not consistent, I get thrown off and have to sleep in several hours more than I'd think would be necessary. Sunday mornings turn out to be a great time to play catch-up with 1pm church.