Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Singles On Ice

A few months ago we had a multi-stake activity in Columbus at the skating rink. Here are some pictures of that:

Eric, me, and Max getting skated up. Notice that those two clowns are in hockey skates, while I went the more traditional figure-skate route.

Here's a bunch of us on the ice looking so good.

So the highlight of the evening wasn't getting to skate around—though that's one of my favorite activities (and finding I could do it pretty good despite surgery last year was a relief)—it was working out my dream of a wedding reception on ice. Here's the plan:

First we'd have to decorate the place pretty good; ice rinks are notoriously ugly and warehouse-esque. Kate and I discussed the necessity of hanging lots of fabric to eat up the echoes and make the room more amenable to music and stuff. There could also be a thin layer of fog over the ice, giving the whole place a fantasy aspect, very "Night Among the Stars" prom-themed. People could have there pictures taken with the Zamboni. Then there'd have to be a stage erected on one side of the rink, for the band. Can you just imagine a rink full of elegantly dressed skaters semi-dancing to the sounds of a live band? Awesome. My lady and I would've worked hard to choreograph our first dance on ice, probably to something like "Everything I Do I Do It For You" or "More Than Words." (Seriously, can you imagine how much fun it might be to spend the weeks leading up to your wedding working on a figure skating routine with your lover? Just designing the costumes would be worth it.) Then, later on in the evening, I'd get up on stage and play with the band, some monster ballads and stuff. When it got time to play the solo to "Purple Rain" or "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," I'd jump off the stage, with my guitar, in my skates, and play those triumphant notes in all there glory as I skidded and twirled and skated to greatest effect.

Um, maybe this song will help you get the feel I'm going for. It's one of my favorites.


Elisa said...

Two words: The Promise. Three more words: When In Rome.

Mary Arlene said...

I think that is a fantastic idea. But I really wrote to let you know that when you talk about Zamboni you said "there" when you should have said "their". And I couldn't pass up the chance to corect you. First time in my life I get to correct anyone elses english.(sadly, this will probably also be the last)

Jennifer said...

You are my brother. NEVER use the word "lover" again.