Wednesday, April 16, 2008

False Hope

So you know that feeling that lingers with you all day after you've been swimming in a pool—the slightly wet hair behind the ears, the chlorine smell on your skin, the faintly itchy eyes, and the intense desire to be eating a popsicle?1 I've had that feeling all week, everywhere I've gone, but I haven't been in a pool at all.

I finally figured out what it is though: allergy season. Turns out the mild irritation of springtime is a decent approximation of summer joy. My eyes are just a touch itchy all the time, and it's giving me fantasies of slacking around in flip-flops and air-dried shorts. I gotta get some popsicles.

1 The reason that feeling is so great is because (1) it is proof and a reminder that, even if you do nothing else today, you've already done that and what could be better, and (2) wearing a swimsuit is pretty close to being naked, which is awesome.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I always want pizza or a baked potatoe... And aloe, b/c I'm usually burned.