Monday, March 17, 2008

St. P and Me

Today was Saint Patrick's Day, and I was graciously invited by some friends to eat a spot of traditional Irish fare. Highlights from the evening included a shamrock treasure hunt for the kids, Joey's boy possibly saying my name, being attacked by Joe's tickle monster, and singing "She is My Dear My Darling One" in a Sean Connery accent, though no one really heard.

But it reminded me of a past St. P's Day, years ago when I was a freshman at BYU. That year I had a great roommate—incidentally his name was Joe—who took to calling our 6-guy apartment "The Awesome Man's Club," and when we asked him why he said it was cause we were so awesome. We figured we had to do something to live up to that reputation, so we decided to be a club that sponsored contest—after all, who doesn't like entering contests? There's such a shortage of good contests.

Our first was a Thanksgiving turkey drawing contest, and our second was a snowflake making festival. Unfortunately, Joe left school after the break to serve a mission, and we were left without a leader. But then we got an idea, one so big we wrote to Joe for permission to pull it off under the auspices of the Awesome Man's Club.1 It was to be a St. P's Day party to remember, complete with contests galore.

I'm flying home on Wednesday, and if you'll wait till then I'll dig out the incredible flyer we produced for the event, scan it, and tell you all about how nervous we made the RA with our antics.

Until then, an update: one paper and one portfolio down; one paper to go. Tonight the Final Jeopardy category was "Book Title References," and I immediately turned to Dave and said, "Slaughterhouse 5."2 You can see if I was right by checking here sometime tomorrow.

1 I know it should probably be "Awesome Mans' Club," but the way Joe said it was just so, well, singular.
1 The way I said it was just so, well, italicized.


Jennifer said...

Well, St. Pat's came and went completely unnoticed here. I forgot it existed. We went to the gym, went to the store, went to Sarah's kicking new house, went to Sarah's kicking new neighborhood splashpark (and got sunburned even though it was cold cloudy and windy), and then came home finally for the day. Nothing green or shamrocky about it. But it was fun. And a gal in my yoga class actually accomplished a full locust position and we gave her and ovation. We've never seen anyone, including the instructor, actually do one. It is crazy looking. Let me find a link and I'll post it.

Jennifer said...

This is a pic of the locust. I look like the first picture at the top. The gal in my class looked like the last pic on the bottom.

The Hippo said...

just looking at that hurts me.

Club Narwhal said...

uh oh, that doesn't sound good! but yeah, that's me. did you know the catholic church changed st. patrick's day to saturday--so it wouldn't get in the way of holy week? is that even legal?!

editorgirl said...
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