Monday, March 3, 2008


Tonight I was watching Jeopardy! with my roommate, and when the category for Final Jeopardy was announced—US Geography—I quickly assured my mate, as is my custom, that I was betting it all. Without a pause I added my guess, as is also my custom, without having even seen the clue yet: Pike's Peak.

My roommate always chuckles a bit at the audacity of guessing the answer with only the category to go on, but I assured him he'd be sorry when I was right. At the end of the commercial break Alex came on the screen and introduced the clue: "Of the 50 highest peaks in the US, all of them are in Colorado, Alaska, and California except this one."

Jaws dropped. Accusations of "having already seen this one" were given. Denials were issued. Could it be?

The answer was Mount Rainier.

(To my brother's credit, he once pulled this off by guessing "Buzz Aldrin" for the category "Astronauts.")


Janssen said...

This is a good story.

Petra said...

I like knowing that someone else plays that game with Final Jeopardy. And I have, for the record, guessed the answer correctly. I'm pretty sure it was the coolest thing I will ever do in life.

Jennifer said...

Glad that you are back online. I am (ridiculously, I'm sure) used to reading you, or actually talking to you, most every day now. And, just to have something to say, I read Stephen King's "Lisey's Story," and I liked the crazy thing. Normally, I'm not such a huge fan of reading King. To be fair, I haven't really given him much of a shot. The movies, and all, you know. But this was something else. That guy, I don't know, strange...