Monday, September 29, 2008


So on Saturday I went sailing for the first time in my life. It. Was. Awesome.

It all came about when I told JSK that I was planning on sailing to Antarctica as soon as I could save up the money. She basically said, "That's nice. My dad sails," to which I responded, "Can he take me sailing?"

See, the problem with saving all my money to sail to Antarctica is that it is a big commitment for something I know nothing about. I might not even like sailing. I might have irreconcilable seasickness. I might be opposed to so much cussing. Before last Saturday all I knew for sure is that I loved the idea of sailing, as evidenced by the list of books to the left here (at least 13 of which star the sea, not to mention all the ones currently next to my bed).

But now I'm sure. JSK, her husband Tim, and I drove up to Columbus to meet her dad at Hoover Reservoir where we saddled up his dinghy and hit the water. Mr. Schomberg manned the tiller while Tim and I acted as ballast. We sailed up the lake for an hour or so, zigzagging against the wind; Tim manned the jib on the port tack and I got it on the starboard one. It felt like flying a kite. The weather man had predicted rain but it was clear and sunny and windy: just perfect weather for sailing.

Click to see larger photos; see more at my facebook profile.


Huge thanks to JSK for making this salty sea dog's dream come true. Next stop: penguins.


Jennifer said...

Andy and I sailed together several months ago - IT.IS.AWESOME. You are right! I didn't man (or woman) anything except the Coke and the cheese tray!

Mary Arlene said...

Did you watch NCIS last week? Don't forget to watch it tonight so we can talk about it later.

Joe said...

If things go south with this PhD thing, I'm buying little sailor outfits for my kids becoming a whaler in southern Chile. That's how excited this post makes me.